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Chronicles of Bath

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The students' union wing, sponsored by Lego

I visited Bath, UK this weekend,  a place I’ve called home for a number of years with the allure of a homegrown juggling convention and the potential to reunite with dear friends I’ve made through juggling.  A reunion is perhaps the best way to describe this year as nearly all of us have spread out across the land like jam on bread.  Having a reason to return to the historic city really gives enthusiasm to make the effort to travel and it was definitely worth it.

Bath UpChuck is a juggling convention as I described previously and I would wager that it is one of the better one-day conventions held across the year.  It is hosted by Gravity Vomit, Continue reading


The trouble with margarine, by L

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…or, L’s opinion on everything in moderation. (See also: Enable your body to do its own thing.)

I’m sure many people have come across the myth that margarine was originally created as a turkey feed, and that when the turkeys didn’t fare so well, they had to come up with a solution as to what to do with the investment. Result: feed it to people, they’re stupid.

This has since been labeled as an incorrect rumor, however, the principle of the thing remains. Be careful about your alternatives – what you think may be better for you may in fact be doing you more damage in the long run.

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L keeps things in perspective, Part One – Food

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I like to think that I have been blessed with a certain amount of common sense and that as I’ve grown older, it’s become a knack for keeping things in perspective. Of course, I can still go disastrously wrong, and sometimes my perspective is fought off by my stubbornness in a series of late-night battles, but sometimes it goes right.

Right now, one of my latest designs on myself is keeping food in perspective. This is in light of the vast majority of my coworkers diligently going to the gym while I forgo the pleasure. Although I am mostly happy with how I look – and have been for a while – there are occasions where the self-consciousness re-emerges like a weed. I treat it as a reminder to keep myself in check. One of the ways I will try to do this is by keeping an eye on portion sizes of what I eat, because for me, it’s not so much about what I eat as how much.

The idea that the portion given to me was not necessarily the amount I should be eating occurred to me when I started thinking too hard about a chicken breast. (I know. Right now it seems like I have an obsession with chicken – I assure you I don’t.) This was your average chicken breast out of a storebought pack, ready to be prepared for some chicken tetrazini, just lying there on the chopping board.

The thought came unbidden, “That thing is about the size of half of my face. I know it shrinks a little when cooking, but…it’d be like I was eating half a face. Or, hell, that could almost be a young girl’s growing breast, much less a chicken’s, if you bunch it up a little. A young girl is not a chicken. There’s something wrong, there.”

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Bath UpChuck – Gravity Vomit

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And all other synonyms for throwing up.  That’s right, it’s a juggling convention!

Since 2009, UpChuck has been organised as a one-day convention for all circus and juggling enthusiasts that can make it.  I go to juggling conventions, it’s one of my things and have been doing so for the past seven years or so.  Like any other gathering of similarly-minded individuals: be it gaming, comics, Ideal Homes or erotica, we get together and discuss or exercise our common interests.  Conventions are good because Continue reading

Chicken Tarragon, by L

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…this is one of my favorite meals. It has also poisoned me once, but that was my fault and it’s testimony to how much I love this dish that I went back to it without fear. If you’re curious, I believe it’s a French-derived dish.

Just before I went to and while I was at college/university, my mother was writing up ‘her’ recipes in her impeccably neat and small print on index cards for me. Unfortunately, she died before she could get very far into her project, but this is one of the ones I found after her death, waiting for me. As it turns out, we didn’t often eat this, so unlike most of her recipes which I judge my success at based on how true they taste, I had no real reference for this one. I can maybe remember eating it once when it was made by her. I first made it in my second year of college, in my first non-university-provided shared house in Bath.

You will need:

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Conditioner, by L

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…or, How to approach the wild conditioner in its natural habitat

The Backstory:

So, I am not your typical young woman. By that I mean that things women use every day, I was either never exposed to, deemed unnecessary/risky/expensive. Mostly this falls in the category of cosmetics, but, for example, it took me a couple of years more than my peers to use specific facewash rather than regular soap or just water and a washcloth. Likewise with conditioner.

“Wait,” you say. “Shouldn’t you have been using that since you were little? Didn’t your mom tell you… what about 2-in-1s?” Nay, more sensible reader. My path through the world of toiletries has been non-linear and filled with trepidation and reluctance.

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The Work I Do

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The budget cuts on set at Downton Abbey were barely visible

The things I do are often varied and bizarre.  The nature of prop work resides in the fact that there are things that people want, but can’t buy it.  I step in every now and again to bridge the gap.

As such, I’m currently working for NoFit State Circus on their new production of “Mundo Paralelo“, which is shaping up as another triumph of modern circus with exceptional artists and great vision.  Beneath the aerial acts high up in the sky, there will be a small hamlet of h

ouses to represent the world below.  So I made a nice bunch of 1:24 scale doll houses in a mostly Georgian style which also conveniently fold flat for the rigours of a touring show and quick strike. Continue reading