The Work I Do


The budget cuts on set at Downton Abbey were barely visible

The things I do are often varied and bizarre.  The nature of prop work resides in the fact that there are things that people want, but can’t buy it.  I step in every now and again to bridge the gap.

As such, I’m currently working for NoFit State Circus on their new production of “Mundo Paralelo“, which is shaping up as another triumph of modern circus with exceptional artists and great vision.  Beneath the aerial acts high up in the sky, there will be a small hamlet of h

ouses to represent the world below.  So I made a nice bunch of 1:24 scale doll houses in a mostly Georgian style which also conveniently fold flat for the rigours of a touring show and quick strike.

They do make some amazing little additions for the hobby house builder, even in this twee 1:24 or “Half-inch” scale where one inch is equivalent to two feet.  In itself an issue for the engineer raised on metric superiority.  Small windows, dormers, pediments, chimneys, finials and even tiny weather vanes to add realism to the small stage.

I love it all.  The sky is the limit when it comes to model making, and the bank balance has have no limits to meet the sky when a nice wooden door costs as much as an actual full size door.  I could have spent ages tweaking and adding to each house with all the options available.  But when you have ten days to deliver, you take ten days.  And those days don’t allow for setting up the finished article in a nice arrangement with good lighting and a little story to tell in photos for the portfolio.  So this is all I have.  Hopefully they will fair better than Joss Whedon’s.

Always more to come.

– C


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