Bath UpChuck – Gravity Vomit


And all other synonyms for throwing up.  That’s right, it’s a juggling convention!

Since 2009, UpChuck has been organised as a one-day convention for all circus and juggling enthusiasts that can make it.  I go to juggling conventions, it’s one of my things and have been doing so for the past seven years or so.  Like any other gathering of similarly-minded individuals: be it gaming, comics, Ideal Homes or erotica, we get together and discuss or exercise our common interests.  Conventions are good because you get the opportunity to see and experience things you would not otherwise in your everyday life.  Meeting the like-minded convention goers is also a buzz because they are interesting and friendly people who appreciate the pointed toes and tight pirouettes of the juggler spinning on the spot.

Juggling is an interesting pastime as it is mostly a solitary pursuit.  You can spend hours in a tall room by yourself, picking your dropped props off of the floor, throwing them up and missing again like a monkey that hasn’t grasped the concept of gravity and astonished that throwing up makes it fall straight back down unlike all horizontally thrown non-boomerangs which stay wherever it was chucked.  It attracts a certain formulaic and determined mentality that is set on repetitive practice to improve.  The desire to be better is enough encouragement to continue and continue they will until fingers are battered and sore, neck pains from looking up at the ceiling and back ache from bending down to pick props up (despite what every Health & Safety poster on Lifting in the Workplace says about bending at the knees).

So when we get together, it’s always a social occasion to show what you’ve learnt, see something new and partake in activities like the coolest school sports day there ever was.  And this year’s event is scheduled for this weekend, and I’m travelling over to meet up with old friends and have a jolly ol’ time.  I hope to provide a full write-up when I get back.  Until then, here’s a taste of last year in extra slow motion courtesy of StraylightUK.  Everything looks cool in slow motion.

– C



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