The Great Unseen is a website for comparing various types of insurance across the available providers, of which there are dozens (and most underwritten by two or three larger companies).  Their logo is of a crazed looking individual, because the classic facial expression for confused of trying to multiply two large numbers in your head just doesn’t come across on a cartoon.  Only recently has it been confirmed that the individual is a woman; revealed when she leapt out from behind the sign like a Jill-in-a-box.

The adverts feature cover versions of famous songs that may or may not have a connection to insurance.  What I really draws me into the adverts, is the drawing style.  It’s simple, comedic, mature, and she pulls things out of her crotch.
Guess what she’ll find down there!


A microphone, complete with stand.  Impressive.

But that’s not all!  This time it’s…



A bunch of flowers bigger than she is.  Artistic licence is what that is.

And last but not least…


Oh, a mobile phone.  That’s realistic at least.  The artists should have a little rethink about the animation, it poses more questions than answers leaving me  Ha!  You can find all their recent adverts on CaraConfused’s Youtube page:


And did you know that all ducks are wearing dog masks?


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