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Discovering ‘The Fountainhead’, by L

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Mention Ayn Rand and there are three sorts of reaction:

  • Oh, Lord help us.
  • Oh I love her work!
  • Huh?

As a writer I can only hope to have such a literary and cultural impact that even if people haven’t read a single page of my work, they still have an opinion on me. Not to say that would be my preferred mode of critical acclaim – like politics, I’d prefer people read up on something before they form an opinion – but people talking is people talking.

Personally I fall into the second category, but not in the rabid-fan way. My father gave me The Fountainhead to read in late 2010; twenty-two, about to be twenty-three, by this time fairly tenured into my corporate-hosted job and trying to figure out how to squeeze in my creativity and entrepreneurial leanings, it had a rousing effect on my jaded outlook on my life. And that’s the key phrase, there: my life. Not society, not that ambiguous Life with a capital ‘L’ – my life and my attitudes towards it.

For this reason, I would argue The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand to be a candidate for college-level required reading (though I have heard of 9th-graders being exposed to it). Or, for those of us either out of college for good or on hiatus between educations, a good motivator to not lose sight of what we want and love.

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Petrol in your pocket can burn a hole – obviously

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Scott regretted not having the sugary drink and biscuit after converting the car to run on his blood

I’m trying to win an iPad 2 in the iSave, iWrite, iPad competition from!

With the price of fuel rocketing, you’d think they were using it for rockets (FYI petrol makes rubbish rocket fuel). As of May 2011, the price of unleaded is around £1.36 per litre and diesel at £1.43. The increase in the cost of fuel can really hurt so here are some tips for spending less of your money on the burny stuff. Continue reading