Who :- L, a girl in Louisiana, US, who likes writing and cooking and lots of other far less useful activities. C, a guy in Cardiff, Wales, who likes making things and circus skills and far more useful activities than L (in her opinion). They met when L wandered over to England and C tolerated her enough to enter into a correspondence lasting a couple of years – when she returned to the US, this didn’t change.

What :- You get to read about our ventures, where we went wrong, where we went right. Topics have a huge range, from the mammoth (moving country, psychology) to the minute (L tries using conditioner for the first time, photography composition), all hopefully with a humorous and informative edge.

When :- Whenever we feel like it, quite frankly!

Where :- In the comfort of your own home and ours!

Why :- Because it seemed like a good idea at the time.


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