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UpChuck, DownChuck, – Bath 2011 show

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The jewel in a juggling convention’s crown is their all-star show of professional acts from talented performers on a stage, with seats, lights and psuedo-invisible backstage crew.  It is for all these reasons that I think Bath UpChuck puts on one of the best shows at the end of a one-day convention documented in a previous post.  A lecture theatre with three hundred spectators is quite the audience, I’ve worked in cinemas and theatres with less, Continue reading


Chronicles of Bath

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The students' union wing, sponsored by Lego

I visited Bath, UK this weekend,  a place I’ve called home for a number of years with the allure of a homegrown juggling convention and the potential to reunite with dear friends I’ve made through juggling.  A reunion is perhaps the best way to describe this year as nearly all of us have spread out across the land like jam on bread.  Having a reason to return to the historic city really gives enthusiasm to make the effort to travel and it was definitely worth it.

Bath UpChuck is a juggling convention as I described previously and I would wager that it is one of the better one-day conventions held across the year.  It is hosted by Gravity Vomit, Continue reading

Bath UpChuck – Gravity Vomit

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And all other synonyms for throwing up.  That’s right, it’s a juggling convention!

Since 2009, UpChuck has been organised as a one-day convention for all circus and juggling enthusiasts that can make it.  I go to juggling conventions, it’s one of my things and have been doing so for the past seven years or so.  Like any other gathering of similarly-minded individuals: be it gaming, comics, Ideal Homes or erotica, we get together and discuss or exercise our common interests.  Conventions are good because Continue reading