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The bookshelf mountain

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The bookshelf mountain

L has a vast selection of books.  A veritable library of bound pages and hardback covers.  But the apartment has nowhere to display or store them so I took it upon myself to design and build a bookcase worthy of their, well, worth.  You can see it above!  If you would like to build your own, I’ve written a walkthrough on here: How to make a bookshelf mountain.  But the good photos are here.

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A broom by any other name…

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The ill-conceived toy with “vibrating action”. No lie.

Ceases to be a broom. The Nimbus 2000 is a racing broom and as I discovered, rubbish as an actual broom. Halloween is the propmaker’s holiday. It is a celebratory time for us as we can showcase our abilities to the wider world in an acceptable manner that can be appreciated and for our own amusement. There’s not always the time for it, work commitments allowing, but it’s nice to make an effort.

This year’s Halloween party had the theme of Harry Potter; one of the hosts being a fanatic of the universe. A vast list of characters was drawn up for people to choose from ranging from the titular character to things like boggarts. Being of Asian persuasion, my cosplaying options are limited to the thick Scottish tones of Cho Chang. Being of male persuasion, I can’t stretch that far. So I opted for a miscellaneous Quidditch player, which also happened to be the Ravenclaw Seeker. But definitely *not* Cho Chang.

Every Seeker needs a fast broom, so I opted to make a near-as-dammit replica of the Nimbus 2000 that Harry Potter gets as a “gift” from Professor McGonagall. Here’s the brief summary of how it happened. Continue reading

The Work I Do

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The budget cuts on set at Downton Abbey were barely visible

The things I do are often varied and bizarre.  The nature of prop work resides in the fact that there are things that people want, but can’t buy it.  I step in every now and again to bridge the gap.

As such, I’m currently working for NoFit State Circus on their new production of “Mundo Paralelo“, which is shaping up as another triumph of modern circus with exceptional artists and great vision.  Beneath the aerial acts high up in the sky, there will be a small hamlet of h

ouses to represent the world below.  So I made a nice bunch of 1:24 scale doll houses in a mostly Georgian style which also conveniently fold flat for the rigours of a touring show and quick strike. Continue reading