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Photo-editing, by L

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As promised, the follow-up to the brief overview of photographic composition: photo-editing! The idea is that one shouldn’t rely on editing software completely, but, you have to admit – it does come in handy and you can do some pretty cool stuff! Sometimes for me it makes the difference between a photo to discard and a photo to print.

Again, I am not a Photoshop expert, like I am not an advanced photographer. I know enough for my purposes, and even then, I come across walls where I know what I don’t know! I will be touching on cropping, and light and color adjustment, since they are the tweaks I use most frequently.

Cropped Final (C) ImagesKione

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Photographic Composition

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(C) ImagesKione

“Beauty can be seen in all things; seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Matt Hardy

The latest SLR out of your price range? Take heart! It has been said that it’s not so much the camera you use, as the way you see.

Although I believe that, like most artistic vision, one either has a gift for it or not, I also believe that it’s something that can be nurtured in all of us. Do I have a sense of rhythm? Yes. Does that make me the best dancer in the world? No. Do I have a gift for observation? Yes. Does that make me the best poet or photographer? No.

What’s crucial to understand here is that if you can hone your interpretation of the world, and speak intelligibly and honestly about it, no matter the size or reach, you can feed your soul and maybe that of others.

Where does the composition of a photograph fit in? Well, maybe with a few hints, you can make the difference between ‘snaps’ and photographs. And with today’s technology, what is a camera but the most accessible way to capture your interpretation of what you see?

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