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Sweet Pepper Salmon, by L

Posted in Cooking with tags , , , , , , , , on June 4, 2013 by experimentswithreason

I love salmon. It’s my preferred fish (I could happily be a pescetarian), and I often have it simply cooked in the oven with some olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt. Lately though, I decided to be a little more adventurous and take advantage of some cheerful- and tasty-looking sweet peppers I saw on offer. Also having a yen for something sweet and spicy (a flavor favorite of mine), this seemed the perfect time for a culinary experiment.

Although I have great pride in that my lunch partner at work loves this despite disliking salmon, the best thing about this recipe is its seasoning flexibility, in my opinion. A lot of the ingredients for the sauce can be altered or omitted – or preferred flavors added – without sacrificing the root concept of the dish. Served with some light sides, it also makes a healthier dinner/lunch option. Be sure and look at the “Let’s think about what you’re eating” section at the end of the post!

Sweet pepper salmon

You know you want it.

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Taming the Jaws of Death

Posted in Products with tags , , , , , on July 1, 2012 by experimentswithreason

Summer means more skin on display. Even for those of us who aren’t trying to attract everybody in sight, when it’s in the triple figures in the shade, the last thing you want to do is wear more clothes than absolutely necessary. But as most women will bemoan, summer means more skin on display, which means more hours devoted to their hair removal ritual of choice. And for those of us with any remotely Latinate or Mediterranean blood, the ‘ritual’ is something more like a daily battle.

I have what traditional schools of cosmetology call an ‘olive’ complexion – in actuality I like to refer to it as ‘tea-stained’ as I feel this is more accurate. Being a quarter Sicilian with some Choctaw thrown in for good measure, I have been blessed with my coloring. This does, however, mean that I have hair in plentiful supply and most of my life up to the advent of Boyfriend has been an attitude of ‘do your best, grin and bear the rest’. While I’m not about to go to the extremes (in my opinion) of some women in order to be hairless in all the socially-determined spots, I did decide to better tackle the basics. In this case, legs and underarms.

Shaving wasn’t doing the trick. Not a fan of the chemical potluck of hair removal creams, and found them ineffectual anyway. Waxing…not brave enough for that. So I decided to buy a pet Jaws of Death.


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